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Green Advantage covering Green Building Design and Construction

A green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a kind of structure that is carefully designed, built or renovated in an ecological way. Green buildings are specially designed to meet certain standards and objectives such as using energy efficiently, prudent use of water and other resources. It also reduces the overall environmental impact at the same time.

A green building may cost more, but saves through lower operating costs over the life of the building. We at BecomingGreen®, Inc. help you make homes and businesses more energy efficient to save money and resources. We also train individuals to perform building evaluations and make the necessary recommendations to bring people into the world of sustainability.

BecomingGreen, Inc. offers green training program that provides individuals what they need to compete in an ever growing green economy. We provide green opportunities for people from any background. So, earn the credentials and achieve the Green Advantage certification in the combination residential/commercial category.

We train professionals and provide the sources that will help the consumers make environmentally helpful choices and see that every green action they take has a measurable impact on the environment. This is beneficial for property owners, property managers, and business owners.

The main objectives of sustainable green building, interior design, and building management are to avoid depletion of energy, water and raw materials and preventing environmental degradation caused by the infrastructure. Thus, making the environment more comfortable, secure and productive!

These courses focus on how human activities affect the green environment and will show the ways individuals can affect the environment in both their personal and work life, giving them the information they need to make smart choices. These courses also provide an overview of good Green Practices for the built environment based on weighing difficulty of each practice.

Green Advantage Test Preparation

16 Hours of training includes:

Green building principles and practices overview.
Energy efficiency.
Energy Conservation.
Water efficiency.
Indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality.
Green operations and maintenance.

Other topics covered:

Green site landscaping, xeriscaping, composting, etc.
Green building systems.
Alternative energy sources (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Combined Heat and Power co-generation).
Energy Star (including indoor and outdoor lighting) and WaterSense Programs.
Recycling and waste reduction.
Resident green education.
Rationale for, and basic understanding, of sustainability and green building.
Site and land use.

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