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Energy costs are on the rise and will continue to rise. Better understanding of the effect our everyday actions have on our environment are driving more and more people to want to make changes, to "go green". They want to give back to the environment, but have no idea where or how to start. Making homes and businesses more energy efficient saves money and resources, and also represents opportunities to offer green training for individuals to perform evaluations and make the necessary recommendations to bring others into the world of sustainability. This is green training, and the demand for green expertise exceeds the supply.

Green Training

Sustainability and green design are factors that more businesses and individuals are coming to value when they make choices, so learning to minimize our environmental impact can not only help us to protect the environment, but also to be more successful. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues, with the number who said they would be more willing to buy from a sustainable company jumping from 56% in 2008 to 68% in 2010, and still rising. Keeping this motivation in mind will help you to achieve success as you embark in green training. Earn your green certification today!

Green Consultant

Start a new career, or add on to your existing career. There has never been a better time to learn a new skill. Education and training are crucial to understanding sustainable strategies, initiatives, and implementation.

A Certified Green Specialist™ has the expertise to conduct a sit-down evaluation and a walk-through session of a home or business, using a comprehensive check list to identify problem areas, and offer physical and lifestyle change recommendations to solve those problems.

Green Building Design

A Certified Green Designer™ is an industry professional from varied backgrounds - from architecture and interior design, to the electrical and plumbing trades, or any other aspect of the construction field.

He or she is prepared to evaluate green products and finishes with the entire home’s or busines’s "environment" in mind, making careful selection of healthful and environmentally responsible materials and products. With a Certified Green Designer in your green construction team, you will be able implement green building design and green interior design principles to any project.

Green Cleaning

Science has shown that thousands of chemicals emit from the products we use or encounter every day. The indoor air quality in the home or office is adversely affected by these emissions, and exposing ourselves to these chemicals is like gambling with our health.

The Indoor Air Quality Specialist has earned his green certificate by learning about the chemicals in residential and industrial cleaning products, as well as procedures that make it possible to clean effectively, efficiently, and with less impact on the environment.

Get what you need to compete in an ever growing green economy - green certification. There will be many green training programs that will appear on the landscape, however, few, if any, will have the experience and tenure that those at BecomingGreen®, Inc. command.

The Green Designer Certification is a specialized and tailored educational program developed to bring comprehensive and reliable information to you, the Design Professional. You'll learn how to apply sustainable design principles and practices to any design project.

Online Rate:    $1488.

This certification is for those wanting a change and to make a difference. You may be in the real estate , building, HVAC, engineer, janitorial field, or even as broad as a nursing career. No background is needed to start learning. We teach you all the basics to wear the label of Certified Green Specialist™, the proprietary U.S. trademarked title for the serious green professional.

Online Rate:     $988.

Our Green Advantage Training course provides a review of the information needed to pass the exam to become a Green Advantage ® Certified Practitioner (GACP) or a Green Advantage ® Certified Associate (GACA), along with a better understanding of the concepts of green building and green construction practices.

The test prep course will also fulfill the HUD Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) established guidelines for the Credential for Green Property Management (GCPM) requirements.

Online Rate:$488.
(+ $175 to Green Advantage for testing)

Includes over 80 downloadable research documents on the different topics covered and a downloadable course manual.

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